Schacht Value Investors, Inc.
Privacy Statement

The success of our firm is inexorably linked to the success of our clients. To that end, we are committed to:
  • treat clients as partners and their capital as if it is our own
  • invest our personal capital alongside and consistent with that of our clients
  • employ the value investing philosophy effectively
  • apply fundamental security analysis & research thoroughly
  • active ownership of portfolio companies
  • superior customer service

This site is designed to be a tool for current and prospective clients. While it will never be a substitute for human interaction, we hope our website provides a useful and informative point of contact with our firm.

We also strive to promote a greater understanding of value investing and our commitment to the Graham and Dodd tradition. We recognize that an informed client is an asset. At the same time, we don't claim to be the right choice for everyone. Therefore, we hope to provide all those seeking investment management services the means to make an informed decision.

If you feel that we can improve this site and/or the information it conveys in any way, please do not hesitate to pass along your thoughts.

Henry W. Schacht, CFA
President & Chief Investment Officer

Our Mission:
The Preservation and Substantial Appreciation of Client Capital over the Long-term