Schacht Value Investors, Inc.
Privacy Statement

Client FAQ

How does Schacht Value address the issue of client confidentiality and privacy?
In the course of performing our investment management functions, we do come to know our clients very well. We interact with account custodians, tax preparation firms, and a wide variety of professionals. All our interactions with clients are strictly confidential and all non-public information we gather is carefully handled. Our policies and procedures are described in more detail in our Privacy Statement.
How does Schacht Value handle client proxies and what are the guidelines used when voting?
Periodically, investors are asked to vote on a variety of governance and other issues related to securities they own. Proxies are mailed out to the holders of these securities and far too often they are ignored. At Schacht Value we see proxy voting as an essential and valuable part of the investment process. For this reason, we assume the proxy voting responsibilities of our clients, unless specified otherwise. We take this task very seriously. The guidelines we have adopted are described in our Proxy Voting Policies and Procedures.
How does a client deposit funds into their Fidelity account?
There are two ways a client can deposit funds into their Fidelity account. A client can wire funds from another financial institution or mail a check. The instructions for both options are below:

Wire Instructions:
Wire to:   J.P. Morgan Chase
55 Water Street
New York, NY
ABA number:   021000021
For credit to:   National Financial Services, LLC
Account number:   066196-221
For benefit of:   Name of Customer
Account number:   Customer's brokerage account #

Instructions for mailing checks:
Make check payable to Fidelity Investments. Put your account number in the memo line of the check. Mail check(s) to:
Regular Mail:   National Financial Services, LLC
P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0040
Overnight Mail:   National Financial Services, LLC
100 Crosby Pkwy
Mailzone KC1H
Covington, KY 41015

If you have any questions, please contact Schacht Value Investors at 574-273-9846. We will be happy to assist you.